Our Mission is to make world vaccination possible

Revax patented low-dose inhalational vaccine technology enables the world to be better prepared and can meet the G7/WHO challenge to deliver new vaccines to meet existing or emerging respiratory pandemic threats in 100 days or less. Our technology delivers the following benefits.


Using inactivated whole pathogen reduces the decision-making time
The Ultra-low dose, just 1/100,000th of that used in current Covid vaccines, immensely speeds manufacture.
The extremely low volume is a gamechanger and expedites transportation and logistics.
Eliminating the requirement for health care professional administration accelerates patient delivery.


Enhanced efficacy by inhalational delivery to the lungs induces an immune response at the right place to fight infection


Cross strain protection is assured
T-cell immunity is better
No cold chain requirement enables an immediate wider reach


The lungs respond to all inhaled pathogens and provide the ideal site for initiating an immune response.
Confirmation that lung delivery is effective in other respiratory and airborne diseases has been demonstrated with influenza and TB in animal models.
Ultra-low dose is far more likely to eliminate unwanted side effects.


Revax Biotech promises to deliver a revolution in vaccination by combining key players in aerosol delivery, academic excellence in vaccines, industrial support and clinical research organisation expertise. This will enable rapid development of safer vaccines at dose levels which will be economic for global distribution and therefore provide for the Inclusion of LMI and developing countries.

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The roadmap for the G7/WHO 100 day mission can be found here