Achieving Market Entry

The new vaccine will be regulated as a device plus vaccine combination. This provides regulatory hurdles to competition giving us an advantage. We have access to intellectual property for both the device required and for the lung delivery of the vaccine. As the first commercial pioneer of this new technology platform we will have first mover advantage within the markets.

There are three essential markets: seasonal influenza, pandemic influenza stockpiling, and more effective TB vaccines. In the seasonal influenza market there are a number of particularly important subgroups. Children are often the super spreaders of influenza; a needle free vaccine approach to seasonal influenza has great advantages for treating and protecting the children and thereby providing protection for those to whom the infection would spread from the children. Other vulnerable groups to benefit include the elderly and those with chronic illnesses. Furthermore this approach provides effective protection irrespective of the latest strain of virus.

In the pandemic influenza vaccine stockpiling market, the vaccine will have a particular advantage since it provides robust cross protection against other vaccine strains.

Within the TB market, there is a great need for more effective vaccines. Lung delivery has been demonstrated to be more effective.